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invader_zim's Journal

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Invader zim
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You're probably here because you love Invader Zim, right? That would make the most sense. If not then I suggest you get out while you still can because your eyes will probably bleed from the complete insanity that goes on in here. This community houses from the most obsessive fans to the fans that are just slowly accepting of what the series is. We're all here to enjoy the series even since it's cancellation so be civil to each other, obey the rules, and have fun.

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That's right, kids, there's rules now! So, pay attention and read what I'm about to type!

~ First of all, flaming will no longer be tolerated in this community. While there was no mod there was alot of it going on. From now on flaming is no longer allowed. Any person who starts a flame war will be warned. If they continue it they will be banned. No one contribute to the war or you will suffer too.

~ Any quizzes posted must be placed behind a cut and quizzes that are like that quiz must be placed in that post.

~ No promoting other communities or posting anything at all unless it actually has to do with Invader Zim. The posts will be deleted if they are seen.

~ Any fanfics/fanart posted cannot have pairings(sorry). There are communities for such a thing and I will post the links for them further down. Fanfics/Fanart posted may have anything but pairings and must be behind a cut. If either of the things do not apply you will be warned before the post is deleted in a certain amount of time.

Question: I've never been very active here--an understatement--but I just wanted to clarify something with the new rules. The fourth rule, this means that all fanfiction posted here has to be gen?

What about if there are pairing mentions in the background of the fic, but the fic doesn't focus around that or those pairings? (Say there is a fic with a pairing mention but not enough mention for said fic to be posted in a pairing community.) Can it still be posted?

Answer: General/Humor...that kind of thing. It can be drama/angst or whatever. As long as there are no specific pairings that annoy people.

If there is a pairing that isn't the main focus of the fic(or isn't one of the main pairings that the fandom focuses on) then that could be perfectly fine. The community just shouldn't suddenly became a ZADR/DATR/DADR/ETC club. Those clubs should get the attention they deserve.

~ Icon posts can have three icons out of the cut before the rest must be placed behind a cut (Again, no pairings)

~ If you are posting big pictures place them behind an LJ-Cut. Some people don't like having their friends list broken. If such a post is not edited by the poster it will be deleted

Live by these rules ~

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Have fun!

Luv mods,
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