UPDATE 2/23 Re-Selling Items Broken Up

Hello all! I have a very large collection of Invader Zim items for auction on Ebay. This is for serious collectors and die hard fans. I have very rare and some original zim merchandise in this lot. It is time to pass this along to someone else who will love it as much as I did. W

Some of the awesome items included are the full collectors box set with original box and gir toy. original t shirts, jewelry, DOOM JUICE!, throw blanket, pillow, pillow case, lined paper, keychains, plushies and much much more. Much of this is so rare, Ive never seen it elsewhere for sale. Grab it before its gone!

The Goods!Collapse )

A shot of everything together. Most of it is broken up into different auctions. Some are ending soon so grab them!

final fantasy → kadaj
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selling box house set!

set is complete- box, house, dvds and gir toy. the gir toy is missing the top part of his head, but i'm still trying to dig around my room and find it.

purchase will come with freebies such as an invader zim wallet, shoe laces, shirts etc. i'm just trying to get rid of all of my zim stuff :D

starting price is 200$, feel free to bid and make offers. thanks!

New IZ Community

Hello all! My first post here, so I hope everything is acceptable. User razothredfire and I have just started an IZ community, to_antimatter!

Once things get rolling, we'll be posting art, music, and of course, writing! We'd love to hear what all of you have to think, so please drop by and keep an eye out for new things being posted up!

Note: The story itself will be ZADR, but there will be lots of things to focus on besides the story, such as music and art posts and even discussions related to the show.

Edit: Forgot to mention - razothredfire has come up with an actual working Irken language, and will be posting up lessons for anyone interested. Sidakisindze!
Sailor Moon

Many Collectibles on Sale!

If not allowed, feel free to delete.

Many, many collectibles on sale! I hate to sell these but I need the money for tuition and housing! Please take a look around and I hope you find something of interest on my selling journal soraka_sales! I have lots of anime, manga, movie, and comic book items for sale! Video games! DVDs! Figurines! CDs! Keychains! Doujinshi! You name it and I likely have something of it on here!

For many collectibles, I looked up the cheapest prices on major selling websites and then lowered them on here! Most prices are negotiable (You may still negotiate even if I have not put 'negotiable' beside the item! Feel free to!) I have provided links below to each section of my sales journal for those interested!

Thank you and happy buying!

Sailor Moon|Harry Potter|Death Note|Batman|Pokemon|Digimon|Teen Titans|X-Files|Star Wars|Invader Zim|CDs|DVDs, VHSs, and Video Games|Jewelry|Magazines|Manga and Comic Books|Miscellaneous Collectibles|Etc.