I'm Just a Traveller in Time (strainconductor) wrote in invader_zim,
I'm Just a Traveller in Time


Hi! I used to be a great invader zim fan back in the day! I still love it and have been wanting the dvds but they seem a bit pricey and hard to find x-x

My favorite characters were always Zim and GIR...

In fact I loved GIR so much I bought a huge plushie of him

Here under the cut



I still love ZIM, but I'm moving soon and I would rather GIR go to a good home than be stuffed in a box. I haven't seen this on ebay so I don't know how much it would sell for. I imagine a lot since shipping has to be pricey.

But if you're interested, please send me your offers via PM. Thanks!

What's your guys favorite Invador Zim scene? The one that has stuck in your mind? I will always remember when GIR Goes after the makeup lady, also when he sings the doom song xDD

Thanks you guys :D
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